As promised, this is my final post from Substack, and it is purely intended to tell you that the first edition from Buttondown has been sent out. It’s…

March 2021

This is not a regular edition of the newsletter – just a notice that I’m moving this list off Substack to Buttondown. /// There has been some degree of…
Slow return

February 2021

Laws / Type / Memory
Beginning / Forgotten Writing / Eternal Working / Night-Time Listening

January 2021

Pulp sex / Apocalyptic Barbalien / Lots of Love(craft)
#JustCatThings / (Detective Comics) Comics / Artistic license
Sugar sugar / Weight-lifting / Take it easy / Duck dynasty

December 2020

And here we are. Final edition of the year. I’ll be honest, I’ve been trying to write this one for a week now, and it ended up much longer than I’d…
Yes, yes. I’ve been missing for a few weeks now, and I owe you Part 2 of an essay. Sorry about that. The first week or two I missed because I was…

November 2020

Nothing important happened last week, huh. How about that? Weirdly, though, while everyone was glued to their timeline, my October social media hiatus…